So my body decided to act normal this month… I think. Every time something looks positive I doubt myself and get even more upset.

Why couldn’t my life go as planned?

I’m fucking sick of hearing that it will all be okay… Just be patient etc.. It’s clear that my body cannot process hormones like it is supposed to. Can we move past that and actually fucking find the reason behind it instead of medicating it?

On the positive side.. I have met some great people recently and I can’t explain how grateful I am for the way they keep me going everyday. I never open up to anyone and although they don’t know my struggles yet, they also don’t know how much they help me get through this shitty situation.

Oh.. And to top that all off I get to go to Orlando for 2 weeks starting Sunday. 😍



Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry and friends holidaying (vacationing) at Walt Disney World. August 1993

Thank you so much for giving us all the treat of our lives while we were under you care at Disney World! The three days were magic in every sense of the word & the children were ecstactic by the programme you organised including the six rides on ‘Space Mountain’! We all send our heartfelt thanks, Jayne, to you & your team for making our visit such a happy one. London, August 31, 1993, to Jayne Kear, “chief protocol officer” of Walt Disney World. 

SOURCE: ✉  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/559079741212212605/